Very 1st Blog Post Here! Yay!

Posted by Brenda Whites on

Hi ladies!!

Hope every one you beautiful souls have had a great week so far!

I just literally finished Customizing my Website & boy was that some work but so much fun & so very, very exciting!

Well i'm off to get some relation before more work tomorrow but just had to share with my favorite ladies on the planet how excited we are & hope you ladies love our New Website as much as we do!

Also now that i have this little section of blog post id love to interact more with you all & hear any feedback or advice you all may have & also if there is every anything you ladies would like to see added to Kay Dips!

Don't forget to add your mani photos using Kay Dips Powder to our Facebook Page - Kay Dips Dip Powder Group to be automatically entered in our Monthly review Giveaway! <3333

As always thank you so much for all your continued support & love!


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